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Ready to use, versatile and flexible, Alleantia is the IoT solution chosen by the strongest SaaS and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on the market.



Our technology, plug and play and simple to use, guarantees a significant enhancement to the App IIoT of every ISV that decides to make use of it.


For all App or Software developers dedicated to production control and order management our technology – with its library boasting 5,000 ready-to-use industrial devices – doesn’t need to be installed on its devices. Our solution is versatile and elastic and allows to be easily and naturally compatible with every type of software to which it is combined.

Alleantia is the best solution to create smart tools for an always updated IIoT


For Independent Software Vendors (ISV) that develop MES, Management System softwares, Alleantia is a complementary ally.


What does every industrial reality that wants to use IoT power to enhance its business is look for? Reaching the highest levels of quality and predictive maintenance are the two imperatives that every company expects from its digital transformation. Alleantia is the right solution that you can rely on to guarantee to your customers full production control, in every single component, and to be able to intervene in a timely manner in the solution of every type of error or problem.

We help you to offer your customers everything they are looking for


Are you an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that develops MES, Management System softwares and do you deal with creating applications for lifecycle control (PLM), production control and coordination (MES), flexible production management (FMS)?

You’re in the right place!


Our solution is able to read data from every device to which it’s connected and to translate them into useful information. Once data is translated into valuable information, it’s immediately transferred to the applications and clouds to which our platform is connected. Ready to use and versatile, Alleantia allows you to catch and to analyze every data from the field in order to make the production quality more and more efficient.

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Become part of our ecosystem and take maximum advantage from our technology! We cooperate with partners who decide to support us in our work and we rely on the best players of the IT market. Join us!