Trusted IoT


The first legally compliant data identification and certification solution in the IoT industry

Secure and seamless IoT integration of any industrial asset, Edge Intelligence building actionable data, data trust and protection to build the data driven industry, enable the machine customers and the connected supply chains.

Trusted IoT service addresses the data information legally validation and certification

The increased adoption of Digital technologies in Manufacturing drives toward a widespread need for information sharing across the enterprise, across companies, for example production technologies vendors and users and across the supply chains.

While information sharing enables : new business models, new services, further optimization and increased value it also carries a strong need for IoT solutions to guarantee not only information security, but also information trust.

From the partnership between Alleantia and Actalis (Aruba Group) comes “Trusted IoT”

To meet this need, a collaboration was born between ActalisEurope’s first SSL Certification Authority, part of the Aruba Group, qualified according to the eIDAS regulation for the provision of certified services and recognized worldwide for the issuance of SSL server certificates – and Alleantia, a leader with established international experience in plug&play IoT integration of industrial systems and processes for the improvement of their productivity, quality and security.

The environment. Why Trust?

This new service implement embedded marking and signature process to ensure legal value, un-alterability, non-repudiation, data owners and users’ identities, also adding secure data storage and secure data access.




Notarization takes place by affixing a unique digital signature to the data.
This allows the data owner to distribute information generated by its industrial systems to an application (data user) only after it has been “notarized”.




Time stamping allows the origin of the data and the precise date on which it was created to be verified.

Verification will be possible regardless of the latency and transfer times of the data to the recipient.




The most efficient solution for archiving. Legally compliant archiving is an IT procedure that ensures the legal validity and long-term digital preservation of documents and data, without any possibility of alteration and tampering, even by the same person who preserves them.

alleantia actalis

The Trusted IoT solution is delivered in SaaS mode, with no upfront infrastructure costs for those sending or receiving certified IoT data. In such way, the service enables the trusted data sharing between Machines, Applications, Supply Chains, also complementing the Industrial Data Spaces architectures.

Trusted IoT Data Hub is provided as an extension of the IoT Edge Hub platform and can also be integrated with other IoT platforms.


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