Our Plug&Play Industrial IoT platform, quick to install as a printer to a PC.





Our Plug&Play Industrial IoT platform, quick to install as a printer to a PC.



benefits of data integration

Plug&play integration of any industrial asset

benefits of data integration

5000+ ready to use industrial drivers

benefits of data integration

20+ Application integration API, used in more than 4000 deployments worldwide


It integrates OT IT data by associating information from machines on operation and current activities with ‘context data’ from applications and operators.


Event-based and Time-based on-edge machine data processing to provide machine KPIs, activity tracking and other information.

Alleantia available for:

Imagine to be able to control any operation of your machines or an entire production system by configuring a simple program on your PC. Imagine to be able to extract valuable data from your machines an use it to reach the highest levels of productivity. Thanks to Alleantia ISC Software you can increase the competitiveness of your business with few clicks.

Alleantia ISC is the only industrial IoT Edge platform ensuring fast and easy connection between machines and applications, to check in real time the status of your production systems, save on their maintenance, ensure just-in-time production and the required quality.

Industrial Machines and Equipment

Thousand of machines that you can interconnect with ready-to-use communication and drivers.


XPANGO Drivers

XPANGO Drivers’ library includes 5000+ ready and tested drivers to connect plug&play your machines and devices in seconds.



Edge Software

Our ready-to-use IoT edge software is codeless, configuration-only, zero-programming. Available for Windows and Linux. Cut cost, cut time, transform faster.


IoT Apps

Choose your IIoT Apps for connecting IoT edge to any needed business application, either on premise or on cloud.

Business and Cloud Apps

Leverage the power of our IIoT Partners to digitally transform your business.

The most scalable, easy to use, powerful and secure Digital Twin Manager

Once you’ve installed our software you can personalize everything you want! You can select any available variable, combine variables, create custom alarms, create events, combine data from different devices or create reports to compare different device’s performances.

Let our technology spread all its power to control production progress, analyze machines performances in real time and maximize the efficiency and uptime of each production systems.

Keep everything always under control


Check your smart factory wherever you are. Alleantia software is able to send automatically notifications via e-mail or APIs, present graphics and reports on each connected devices. You can also download data and report histories in the most common formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf, …).

One technology, endless application possibilities


The greatest asset of the Alleantia gateway is its versatility and ease of installation. Our technology allows you to automatically record machine parameters and control them from any type of connected device such as desktop, mobile or tablet.

   Configurable automatic logging of selected measures from any connected device


   Creation of custom alarms of any variable and threshold value, or a combination of them even coming from different devices


   Creation of complex events IFTTT-like on of any variable, or a combination of them even coming from different devices


   Fast integration to any northbound system on cloud or on premise through configuration of available IIoT Apps, to exchange any available data.


   Automatic notification via e-mail to multiple recipients, with history recording and notification of the outcome of each alarm

   Access from any device with a browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), no need to install additional software


   Graphical presentation of historical data to perform data analysis of connected devices


   Customizabile synoptics presentation, that any user can configure on his needs


   Configurable reporting comparing one or more measures, on different periods, with comparison


   Download data histories and reports in most commonly used formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf, …)

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