Your manufacture: dynamic, under control and always connected



Manufacturing is a strong and well-established sector in the Italian and world industrial scenario. Industrial Internet of Things trend is not just a wave to ride but also the most profitable solution that every manufacturer should adopt to quickly make his business more efficient and competitive. Alleantia allows any type of manufacturing activity – from micro businesses to small family-run industrial companies to big industrial company- to make the most out form their investment.


We have years of experience in the manufacturing field. Having the strength to change in the context of the factory is not easy but our solution boats all the features that allow you to easily maximize your production levels in total safety.

Data is the most valuable machine’s resource


it’s all about data. Your machine’s data are a precious resource that can enhance the productivity of your company. Our technology is able to capture data coming from your machines and to easily convert them into very useful informations that will allow you to monitor production’s progresses and to encode messages sent by machine’s sensors. Knowing machine’s progresses in real time means being able to anticipate any problems and to intervene in a timely manner to correct errors.

Thanks to Alleantia, collected data from your machines become valuable and useful information.

  Reduce machine downtimes


  Reduce frequent errors


  Reduce to execute each order


  Increase complete orders

We help you to maximize your predictive maintenance and quality levels


Controlling production in every phase and in real time is synonymous of drastically reduced machine downtimes, less frequent errors and speed in the execution of each order. Increasing production speed means also to increase the number of completed orders. Alleantia allows you to create not only high quality products but also to reach the highest levels of predictive maintenance, essential to accelerate production and to make your business more and more competitive.

Alleantia IoT, easy and fast to implement to every kind of device


Do you believe that a non-digital machine is difficult to connect to the IoT? If you think it, you’re wrong. Our solution can be connected with simplicity to digital native machines and also to the older ones.


Our technology can be installed as easily as a printer can be connected to your PC to instantly create a digital twin capable to control the operation of the machine in real time.

Our ecosystem, open to all end users


IoT solutions are accessible and implementable in any type of industrial context, from the smallest manufacturing companies to the large production chains. Using Alleantia software means being able to interconnect your machines, to collect their data and to turn them into useful informations to considerably increase the performance of your business.


Take advantage from the powerful synergy that we everyday achieve by collaborating with the biggest players from the IIoT 4.0 market.


Choose Alleantia to give to your business the maximum value.

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