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Alleantia provides the first plug & play offering around that transforms any electronic device into a smarter and connected device, ‘Internet Ready’, in seconds
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Improve customer service through predictive and proactive maintenance

Faster response to customer requests, better maintenance planning, fulfilling SLA with the right operations cost, provide better customer service. 

Make machines smarter

through mobile and cloud applications for new services including consumables and just-in-time spare parts management, ‘full service’ maintenance, new built-in applications, generating additional recurring revenues.

Create new business models

in line with fast-evolving customer requirements: pay-per-use, variable leasing, rental etc.

However, Industry 4.0 brings brand new issues

customers’ integration requirements for Industry 4.0 projects are the most varied and complex, faster changes, adaptation to new products, just-in-time production and data integration across the whole Enterprise.

alleantia partners ecosystem apps

Alleantia enables machine manufacturers of all sizes to achieve Industry 4.0 transformation by bridging the gaps between machines, sensors, and IT applications with an easy to use, scalable and cost-effective solution.

Connect industrial plants and equipment to clouds and applications in minutes

Library of more than 5,000 drivers for industrial devices

Extensive CNC and PLC connectivity through zero-code device driver editor

No coding needed for upstream or downstream connectivity—built-in features handle complexity

Embedded IIoT Apps for performance control and reporting.

Multiple data streams can flow in and out simultaneously, with different data sets, under total end user control

Connect to most common IT infrastructures, with IIoT Apps for a wide range of platforms

Extensive applications partner ecosystem (with additional dedicated IIoT Apps), and system integrators

Wide adoption by leading machine manufacturers as well as bespoke global industrial enterprises

Machine manufacturers achieve competitive advantages

through Alleantia Industry 4.0 solutions without expensive retrofitting, complex reengineering, ad-hoc developments. At the same time, avoid lock-in to silo solutions and keep core data under full control.

machine application plug play interoperability

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