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Alleantia provides the first plug & play offering around that transforms any electronic device into a smarter and connected device, ‘Internet Ready’, in seconds
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Industry 4.0 is changing every aspect of how industry operates

Every process and activity can be optimized, networked, and made smarter by exploiting machines’ embedded intelligence to manage their operations, production processes, integrate information across enterprise own processes and within the extended supply chain.

Alleantia provides a scalable and cost-effective data collection, standardization and distribution solutions from wire to cloudfor pervasive machines data access and comprehensive information sharing within the enterprise and across its extended supply chain.

Zero coding

Connect in a few seconds any device — from complex machinery to simpler sensors — to create a complete and interoperable digital twin for each new or legacy industrial equipment.

Instantly feed selected data into multiple enterprise IT applications and clouds through certified ‘IIoT Apps’, with full control.

IIoT Apps

Implemented by Alleantia and its Application Partners, ensure fast integration of industrial machines and production systems “connected by Alleantia” to many Industry 4.0 applications

Alleantia Industry 4.0 solutions

generate incredible results in innovation and profitability, enabling implementation of Smart Factories, Smart Products and Smart Services

End users of all industries

operational efficiency

asset tracking and optimized utilization

maintenance costs reduction

process improvements

greater efficiency and effectiveness

end-to-end management of the extended supply chain

Machines manufacturers

predictive maintenance, saving on repair/labor costs

monitor equipment utilisation according to specifications

support the engineering process using critical components data

build digital solutions and applications on top of physical products

Service Providers and Partners

spare parts management

equipment insurance

variable leasing and many others

new business models enabled by information sharing

creation of new intangible assets associated to the value of the information

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