Energy Management

Energy efficiency is today among the Enterprises’ priorities. Optimization of energy usage reduce unnecessary costs, improve carbon footprint, improves facility management and eventually leads to more effective business processes. Among the different activities required in an energy efficiency program, an Energy Management System is essential.

An Energy Management System monitors usage of various electric systems (directly for the most energy-hungry systems or indirectly, measuring usage by area / sections), thermal systems – boilers – and eventually environmental sensors for temperature and humidity. The information continuously provided allow the Enterprise Energy Manager to:

  • first, assess on a continuous basis a detailed energy usage and create a map per area / per work hours, for a detailed analysis and for defining a complete energy efficiency action plan;
  • second, analyze results for the different action items carried out in the energy efficiency plan, while are being rolled out, for fine-tuning;
  • third and last, to support the enterprise evolution while contributing in maintaining optimal energy usage and distribution in the Enterprise.

control panel

For such needs, a multivendor Energy Management system such as those supplied by Alleantia is fundamental to allow a very flexible management of these requirements:

  • Detection of the consumption for the different networks and resources (electricity, oil & gas), environmental parameters and usage data of the main technological systems
  • Development, analysis and continuous ‘near real time’ data with local display for the proper exercise of the plants
  • Detection of integrated energy production of the plants owned (eg. Photovoltaic) installed on buildings for the optimization of farm
  • Communication of data and control information for energy produced locally to central systems for the analysis of comparative and trend all over the park buildings, for verification of the energy balance and achieve the corporate goals of saving
  • Native and mobile web access to keep under control, always, every office / building and measuring point at no extra cost compared to other systems


Immagine Monitoraggio Consumi Elettrici


Alleantia IOT-SCADA ENERGY PACK can be set up in minutes directly by a qualified technician, not requiring special computer skills, and due to its flexibility easily adapts to changes in facilities’ systems and architecture.

It provides reporting capabilities on each premise and controlled device, automates energy control with alarm generation and monitoring (e.g. thresholds), graphical analysis and multiple reporting capabilities.