Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia

With over 175,000 MW installed in more than 90 countries and approximately 3,500 employees, Ansaldo Energia is the largest company in Italy and one of the main areas in the world for the supply, updated and service of systems and components for energy generation, as well as one of the best expressions of technology and innovative capacity in the energy sector.

Founded in 1853, it is a Finmeccanica Group company able to build turnkey power plants with the use of its own technologies and with its own integrated resources of design, construction, commissioning and assistance.

With three product lines: gas turbine, steam turbine and generators, all characterized by advanced technology, integrated to meet the most complex needs of customers in terms of efficiency, reliability and environmental impact.

The Challenge

The Lighthouse Plant project: Digitization of production sites & Predictive Maintenance


Alleantia is among the partners of Ansaldo Energia’s Lighthouse Plant project, the only one in Italy relating to an Italian company that will invest 14 million euros in a three-year industrial research and development plan based on the main digital technologies of the Industry 4.0 Plan. A project that will affect the entire manufacturing process of the two Ansaldo Energia production sites in Genoa and in which Alleantia played a fundamental role as regards the interconnection methods of the machines.

The data collection of the machines made by Alleantia allows to pass the information to the SAP Leonardo platform and to provide the information that allows the Polytechnic of Milan to study the model that defines the digital Twin of the physical machine allowing precisely to identify a series of critical parts of the machine and on these a series of clinical variables worthy of a monitoring that can allow some machine and learning algorithms to provide the system with feedback, i.e. information of malfunctions or drift of the product quality of the machine itself that with a period adequate allow to give vital information to the operator and to prevent machine downtime and malfunction problems.


The role of Alleantia

Alleantia is located in the edge part. that is, it connects physically or to physical machines or to PLCs and allows you to recover variables for different construction types (hydraulic unit, cooler, spindle) allowing you to retrieve the telemetry information that provides machine learning algorithms with this ability to predict malfunction or of bad production not congruent with the prerequisites


Predictive maintenance or advanced maintenance capable of diagnosing and prognosticating the operation of one or more machines on the basis of data machines arriving from the machines themselves. This is because predictive maintenance requires data from the machines to know their proper functioning, possibly their anomalies and finally failures.


These data become important from the application point of view because then processed with appropriate machine learning algorithms called analytics, they allow you to better understand the functioning of the machine but everything starts from connectivity. Connectivity with the machine requires the ability to extract data from a pre-existing automation and therefore this is a key element to be able to then bring the development of predictive maintenance hooked to the machines in an application key.

Maurizio Lilli
Alleantia is the first brick of the Lighthouse Plant Project, as it allows you to bring the data on board, an essential unit of all the functionality of the project.

Maurizio Lilli – Project manager LightHouse Plant

Marco Macchi
The collaboration of Alleantia is fundamental for the aspect of connectivity with the machines and for succeeding in predictive maintenance and in the management of data on edge and then on cloud.

Marco Macchi – Docente di Assett & Cycle Management del Politecnico di Milano

Alleantia's knowledge and long experience in the IoT world both in the ability to understand our needs and in the collection of machine data together with their extreme ease of management of machine data have made them an essential partner in the process of digitizing our sites productive.

Davide Rizzo – Responsabile IT del gruppo Ansaldo Energia


Monitoring of production and its progress in real time

Digitization of the production process

Reduction of production and delivery times of products

Maximum return on investment

Remote control of the data collected by the factories

Interconnection of non-natively digital machines

Greater production quality and reliability

Greater product and service competitiveness

Greater efficiency and less waste

Predictive plant maintenance

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