Antos Srl

Antos is a software house from Marche, which has distinguished itself over time for the creation of very specific vertical management software for companies that make technological systems and manufacturing companies (mechanics, molding, etc.).


The need to implement MES management systems with a technology that is able to integrate EDGE data from machines with business software.


Bringing to companies an efficient control of production and the need to detect data precisely to evolve the production system.

Bravo Manufacturing has brought production control into the company, and thanks to the integration with the Alleantia edge software has made it fully integrated with the machines that are used in the various production lines, providing the end user with a complete and always updated view of all the information necessary for optimizing company performance.


Having the data correctly entered and constantly updated allows the Management to monitor the production trend in real time.

We develop softwares for the analysis of the data coming from production and Alleantia creates an edge type software that allows to collect data from the field. For us it was the complementary solution we had been looking for a long time, able to configure itself in a totally “Plug & Play” way.

Danilo Pasqualini – Marketing Manager and Product Owner, Antos

The Project

Alleantia, innovative italian company, established itself for its I4.0 “Plug&Play” solutions.

Antos, management software development, MES and business organization solutions.

Advantech, world leaders in intelligent industrial IoT systems and embedded platforms. Hardware partner in the Antos-Alleantia case.

Today there are about 30 customers with whom Antos has successfully used the Alleantia solution for the interconnection of machines, starting from smaller companies to more complex projects with over 20 machines of various types and different interconnected manufacturers.

Destination Markets


Alleantia and Antos have interconnected SMEs and industries belonging to the following markets:

  • Metal processing
  • Haptic processing
  • Precision mechanical machining
  • Mechanical processing with laser
  • Production of PVC and fiberglass panels
  • Production of precision molds / injection molds

  • Plastic materials printing
  • Leather processing
  • Production of laboratory furniture and technical equipment
  • Production of cosmetic and trichological products
  • Production of double-sided adhesive tapes


Oltre ad essere una tecnologia Plug&Play, Alleantia, è anche una tecnologia affidabile.


Also thanks to the contribution of our partners, such as Advantech for the hardware part, in which over 100 gateways have been used so far, it has been possible to implement the Antos Industry 4.0 project with the interconnection of their BRAVO Mes corporate software with each of the required machines, even those that have never been connected, in the 30 projects that we have successfully brought together in “Plug & Play” mode.

Integration with the company management without coding

Automatic data collection directly from the field

Higher productive quality and reliability

More competitiveness of product and service

More efficiency and reduction of waste

Predictive maintenance of plants

More horizontal integration

Better interaction with the machines

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