Alumotion is the result of more than twenty years’ experience in the industrial automation sector, in the distribution of industrial transmission components and mechanical handling components. Since 2008, the company has installed more than 700 collaborative robotic units in all types of small, medium and large industries, enabling their customers to increase productivity, quality and flexibility of the production paradigms adopted until then; all this while paying the utmost attention to compliance with current regulations and the fulfillment of the necessary safety measures.

The Challenge

Would you like to find out how the Alleantia solution guarantees a secure cybersecurity connection for the telematic transmission of robot performance, production, control and monitoring?

The Project

With this solution you can set the robot, monitor the working conditions and process parameters, manage and save the data and export them as graphs or tables in various formats: Alleantia, with its software, is the perfect solution for reading and sending data to the control platform.

Alleantia's Plug&Play software allowed us to connect, quickly, the Universal Robots robot for effective and fast control of all process parameters, communicating data to the IoT platform, at any time, and configuring and/or varying parameters with a simple click.

Fabio Facchinetti – COO Alumotion


“Plug&Play remote control, cloud monitoring and tele-service of a robot”

Plug&Play remote control, cloud monitoring and tele-service of a robot


The benefits of this digital transformation process in key 4.0:

Cybersecure connection

KPI and OEE measurement

Significant energy and resource savings

Monitoring of interconnected machines and plants

Lower operating costs

Regular reporting on proper operation and maintenance

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