Cornaglia Group Spa

Cornaglia Group Spa is an Italian multinational group operating as a system supplier for the Automotive, Trucks and Off-road sectors. Founded in 1916, it is present in Italy and abroad in seven different countries with fifteen plants and a consolidated turnover of approximately 185 million euros.


The path of Industry 4.0 was the only feasible way to be able to achieve the objectives, collect data directly from the field and from the machines and transfer them and be ungrateful to store them the information contained in them in a complete and orderly manner, in a way that can be able to provide insights and strategic information in terms of production, processing times, quality etc.
The knowledge and process of the data is today one of the fundamental assets for every company today. We needed to start a digital transformation of our group and thanks to the Allentia and TIM Olivetti solution we were able to solve this specific need incredibly quickly and effectively.

Tommaso Cornaglia –  Group Controller, Cornaglia Group Spa

Thanks to Alleantia, we were able to start extracting data from all industrial machines, even those not designed for Industry 4.0, and use them to be able to control production processes from our central headquarters, even from international plants in real-time, easily remotely.

Fabio Gerbo – CIO, Cornaglia Group Spa

Thanks to the collaboration with Tim Olivetti on the connectivity side, the digital migration of the Cornaglia tory 4.0 Group of Olivetti would have allowed an implementation of its industrial IoT much faster, scalable and flexible.

Antonio Conati Barbaro – COO, Alleantia Srl

Olivetti's Smart Factory 4.0 has responded to the need for a faster, scalable and flexible industrial IoT, which included the integration of heterogeneous machines and the acquisition of a lot of data necessary for plant monitoring and maintenance. We followed the entire hardware and software delivery, customer training and after-sales assistance for the Cornaglia Group.

Giuseppe SolaHead of Sales Digital Services, Olivetti

The Project

Alleantia, an innovative Italian company established for its Industry 4.0 “Plug & Play” solutions aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of industries.

Cornaglia, a company operating as a system supplier for the Automotive, Trucks and Off-road sectors operating in Italy and abroad with various commercial and production locations.

Olivetti, historic Italian and international company focused on Digital Innovative Services in the IoT, Big Data Analytics, Cloud-Based platforms and Office Solutions.

Tim, the Company that accompanies the country in the Digital Transformation in various application areas such as robotics, Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality, Public Safety, Drones.

Thanks to the Smart Factory 4.0 solution from Olivetti and Tim of which the Alleantia IoT Edge Gateway (ISC) is an integral part.

The practical objectives are certainly a more careful control of production efficiency. Today it is necessary to be able to know in real time if certain lines are working under target to try to understand what are the causes that run in these slowdowns and in these stops and try to solve them in the shortest possible time.

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Monitoring of production and its progress in real time

Digitization of the production process

Reduction of production times and product delivery

Maximum revenue from the investment

Remote control of data collected from establishments

Interconnection of non-natively digital machines

Higher quality and production reliability

Increased product and service competitiveness

Greater efficiency and waste reduction

Predictive maintenance of the plants

Greater horizontal integration

Better interaction with machines

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