Waste Recycling S.p.a.

Waste Recycling Spa is one of the most important and skilled national company that it deals with the disposal of industrial waste and processing waste treatment of different production cycles.

Since the 1990s Waste Recycling has always invested in plants, equipment and human resources with the goal to offer effective solutions to any requirements regarding transport, treatment and disposal of industrial waste.


iWASTE project was born from the need to innovate the treatment of industrial waste.


The main goal of iWASTE project is to transform technologically  the company according to the è Industry 4.0 concept, thanks to the potential offered by IoT within the Waste Management.

The Project

Alleantia, innovative italian company, established itself for its I4.0 “Plug&Play” solutions.

Waste Recycling Spa, owner of Castelfranco di Sotto (PI) treatment plant, ‘testbed’ for the new management system and the new processes.

Pisa University, involved for energy analyses, KPI definition and processes.

Sinergest, involved for analysing and managing applications and statistical analysis of production data.

and with the support of Laboratori Archa.


Map iWaste



The main result reached is the implementation of a unified management platform able to collect and process information from different sensors and to relate them with the productive activities in order to improve management, technical and energetic process.


The development of a unified management platform allows:

The collection of new analytical data relating to the performance of different equipment (pumps, inverter, PLC, transformers …) and plants.

The real – time processing of information about different sensors and machines through specific algorithms developed to monitor the various department and company plants in terms of energy consumption.

The analysis of the results in a ‘continuos improvement’ process in order to get efficient solutions and procedure to promote the “sustainable fabrication”.

“The iWaste project is supported
by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020”

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