Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina

With about 200 members, the cooperative form represented and still represents the most suitable model to put into practice the intention of representing a community. In fact, the mutuality between the shareholders is strong: all participate in the future of the company, through the election of the representative bodies, in a mechanism in which all have equal dignity regardless of the quantity of milk delivered. Such a close bond between the company and its components translates into a great anchoring to the territory, an element it receives to guarantee a high quality of the milk delivered and precise and constant control of the entire innovation chain.

The Challenge

Do you want to find out how the Alleantia solution, thanks to its flexibility, ease of integration and scalability to digitize the production process, has allowed Latteria Soresina to digitize the production process?

Latteria Soresina is now in effect a Smart Factory and has embarked on a determined path that guarantees, thanks to the technologies implemented that monitor production in real time, a better and more efficient management of the plants, a reduction in management costs, a punctual automated programming and planning of systems and significant energy and resource savings

Michele Falzetta – General Director, Latteria Soresina


The benefits of this digital 4.0 transformation process are:

Measuring KPIs and OEE

Automated plant planning

Significant energy and resource savings

Monitoring of interconnected machines and systems

Reducing management costs

Periodic reports on effective operation and performance


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