Superevo is a manufacturer of revolutionary upholstered furniture and furnishing accessories.
The company offers a complete processing approach, from the creation of the structure to the upholstery with subsequent white coating, according to the customer’s requirements.
The company’s daily commitment is to ensure that the product is as environmentally sustainable as possible and that it becomes part of the circular economy at the heart of an ethical and modern production cycle.
This is how the future-oriented business project was born, based on one of the most innovative structural materials for upholstered furniture ever made: Polimex.
A new high-performance material capable of changing the rules of design. The Superevo team has solid experience in the upholstery sector and works constantly with the aim of overcoming the limits of traditional production technologies.

The Challenge

Would you like to find out how Alleantia’s Plug&Play solution has reduced waiting times from 3D to sample/prototype production?

The Project

Everything you need to maximise productivity is concentrated in one tool: from simple remote access and advanced data logging to machine notifications and customisable dashboards.

Alleantia's Plug&Play software has enabled us to quickly connect the production line, thus offering our customers the possibility of producing a wide range of prototypes, even of uncommon dimensions

Fabio Salvadori – CEO & Founder Superevo


“Furniture design towards a 4.0 future”


The benefits of this digital transformation process in key 4.0:

Cybersecure interconnection for data transmission

Sustainability for improved production efficiency

Monitoring of interconnected machines and plants

Reducing operating costs

KPI and OEE measurement

Regular reporting on proper operation and maintenance

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